Conner Ball returns with delicate new cut, "Careful"

Around two weeks ago we shared our review of Conner Ball's sensational track "In the Air", and since then the singer-songwriter has released another delightful new track, this time in the form of "Careful".

With a strong start to the year already with "In the Air", Conner is not one to just wait to release music, he puts it out as soon as it's ready. I guess what's the point of withholding the world from great music.
It sounds like Conner can never do wrong, "Careful" is once again a delicate blend of what he does best - honest songwriting and his heartwarming vocals.

The Jackson, Mississippi resident works hard with his close-knit team of musicians on his various tracks, and with this new release, Conner enlisted Casey Combest (Pre-Production), Tucker Ward (Bass), Marcus Singleton (Organ) and he also has Joseph Cook who was the artist for the album art of this song.

It really is wonderful to see a talented singer-songwriter keeping true to himself, and getting in some equally talented musicians to help create some songs that will stay with you forever. The thing with the American scene is that it is chock-full of talent, and is sounds like Conner Ball is rising through it all, outshining as he goes.

Speaking about the new release Conner says - "I wrote this song to tell a story about two people meeting for the first time and falling in love immediately. The song reflects on the feeling of seeing that person you fall in love with, and they're the only thing that matters. The chorus emphasizes the fact that love is so strong that you have to respect its power. You can't resist the moment you fall in love with someone. Then, you want to convince that person that they're amazing--just the way they are. I hope you like the song! We added lots of cool dynamics that help create the story."

One final thing is to mention that he is due to appear on American Idol in the US on February the 14th, be sure to tune in to see how he does!