Freddie Yates releases the charming track, "Scratching"

South London based multi-instrumentalist and producer Freddie Yates released the charming track, "Scratching" last months, and we've had it on repeat ever since.

Yates has so far released four songs, which comprise of an EP titled "First Sight Of Rain", with a further feature on Ben Xylo's track "Calculator". The chilled-out cut was produced from his bedroom and is once again showcasing how good some multi-instrumentalists can be, especially when it comes to producing their own music too.

When you're listening to "Scratching" you've got this intimate and almost anthemic sound going on, it's no surprise that one of his main influences is none other than Thom Yorke, and you can hear loads of nods towards the Radiohead front-man with his vocal approach and licks of piano keys throughout the single.

Speaking about the track Yates said - "As my band 'The Vacant' became separated by the impact of Covid-19 and was forced to take a hiatus, I spent this time writing and developing my skills as a producer. The songs I wrote in this period were naturally very introspective and gave me a chance to write about recent experiences, my outlook on the world, and contemplation about the direction of my own life."

There really is a lot going on in this track, and from the first listen you'd easily miss out on a few key details that - for me - make this for what it is. The haunting electronic sounds buried underneath the piano keys, the haunting guitar tones perfectly delayed at the start and the dark vocals Freddie delivers.

With an EP already out you have plenty of material to delve into if you love what you hear from this track. There should be more tunes out later on this year, but for the time being be sure to head over to his socials and Spotify to make sure you're kept in the loop, Freddie Yates is turning into an artist you really need to pay attention to.