gürl release their dark and anthemic new single "Surrender"

Bristol based anti-pop act gürl have released their hauntingly mesmerising new single "Surrender", and if you love anthemic rock with dark tones then this is going to be a track that you're going to fall in love with quickly.

Everything you need to know about this band is wrapped up into just over four minutes of sheer awe, they highlight their talent and make sure it's evident to see (and hear).

The lead vocalist's range goes all the way from the bright, light and pop orientated John Newman tones down to the darker side, comparable to that of Sam McTrusty of Twin Atlantic.

The music video below is the entire single release you find on Spotify, comprised of "Over Me" and the title track "Surrender", the main track breaks in at the 77-second mark and once it arrives you're welcomed to the world of gürl, and boy oh boy what a place it is.

Their sound can be described as an amalgamation of pop sensibilities, anthemic rock tones, and soaring vocal lines that can will command any crowd at a major music festival. 

Speaking about the new single, Joshua Dalton (Vocals) says - " ... "Surrender tells a story of desperate submission; giving yourself to someone fully and them giving themselves to you. A dangerous kind of love, filled with the shallow base yearning of smoky eyes, tipsy confidence, and hands running up your back, through to an endless, cosmic devotion. Surrendering to someone, totally."

gürl might just be on the cusp of something special with this release, and we can not wait for more.