Hounds Haul drop anthemic new single "The Roamer"

Hounds Haul have recently released their thrilling new single, "The Roamer",. The band have come off 2020 on a high with love thrown their wat from BBC Introducing the Milton Keynes act are standing out in their local area at the moment following a string of solid singles.

"The Roamer" is direct and punchy indie-rock with nods towards peak 00's indie bands such as The Pigeon Detectives and Reverend and the Makers.

The track doesn't hang about as right out of you're introduced to Hounds Haul's very blistering sound, with a guitar hook that'll have you humming from the first listen, to the drum beats that'll end up making you drive over 100mph - however we don't condone that sort of driving.

The breakdowns that the band have are by far one of the best parts of this tune, it gets even more anthemic than what came before, with the soaring vocals giving way to a wash of hazy guitars and a lick of synth before bursting out once again into the highly addictive drum infused anthem.

This is the band's fourth release since the start of 2020 and with every release it looks like (and sounds like) they're getting a solid fanbase - if they keep up this trajectory then there will be no doubt you'll be hearing them over the airwaves and major playlists.