Jaro drops textured debut single, "Call It"

Amsterdam based Jaro has recently dropped his highly textured debut single, "Call It", which acts as his debut. For a debut single release, this is really mesmerising as it hooks you in from the start, with the experimental keys to the howling vocals laced over skittery drums.

When Jaro started at the Rock Academy in Tilburg (Netherlands) back in 2015, he didn’t yet know what kind of musician he wanted to become. As a young music producer, he composed within a wide range of electronic genres, such as dubstep and techno - ultimately ending upon settling on this eclectic sound you have before you.

Wild Beasts-esque haunting vocals with some Arty drum beats that help create a truly sonic track.

About the process of working on this track, he says - "For me "Call It" is the first song in which all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place: from chords and drums, to vocals and synths, the whole production feels complete. This is a track that I will still be proud of in 20 years!"

There is no doubt in my mind that the comparisons to Thom Yorke will inevitably come to your mind, but that is one of his major influences, as well as Gorillaz, Tame Impala and Groove Armada. You can hear the latter shining through with the production values as they are through the roof awesome.

If you want to listen to more, well sadly nothing much is out for you as of writing - as this is his debut... However, if you wanted to follow this amazing new artist be sure to head to his Spotify to keep up to date with his releases.