Joell Jordi today releases thrilling new single "Compromise"

Manchester based singer-songwriter Joell Jordi has today released his thrilling new single "Compromise". The single follows on from a fantastic 2020 where he released three singles helping him to get a foothold in the local scene.
He picked up a guitar at the age of 15 years old, and now as a 26-year-old he has written a very atmospheric birt-pop track that even Noel Gallagher would be proud of.

Jordi's influences range from the Britpop era, with some obvious nods to fellow Manchester based acts there for all to see. 

Speaking about his new single Joell said - "This song is my best yet, it was written and crafted while in lockdown, and I couldn’t be happier with it, with influences from the 90s to cosmic synthesizers it is gelling together really nicely, and I believe I have found the sound which is true to my heart."

He's not shy to use instrumentation that otherwise, wouldn't fit in brit-pop tunes, such as synths and his beloved loop pedal. In fact that's where a lot of his tunes start out, in the belly of his loop pedals.  The latest single was recorded with Dean Glover from VIBE Recording Studio in his home city,  a guy who's worked with the likes of Twisted Wheel. 

The production values here are through the roof as you can hear every element Joell has laid down. One thing is for sure, if you love your brit-pop with a bit of baggy-ness then "Compromise" is the tune for you!