Juze drops first song of 2021, "Next To Me"

Juze has dropped his first song of 2021, "Next To Me", which is the first original song where he sings. The last song he released was an electro heavy cover of Snow Patrol's iconic "Chasing Cars", which has since gone onto getting over 130,000 plays on Spotify.

Staying on that subject, Juze has got well over two million streams and currently has 16,000 unique streamers a month, ensuring that he is one of the hottest up-and-coming singer-producers in the world at the moment.
"Next To Me" is a heart-on-your-sleeve electro anthem ready for the late-night festival stages.

Back to the new single, as previously mentioned it's his first release in 2021 and is already setting the tone of the year for him as this will be the first of many releases from the Amsterdam-based artist, culminating in the release of his debut album in December 2021. 

Speaking about the new release Juze says - " ... "Next To Me" is about my girlfriend that I've met just before COVID hit us and who I have seen only three times throughout the whole year. It hasn't been easy to be in a long-distance relationship where you are out of control (travel restrictions). I think lots of people are missing partners, family, and friends and can relate"

With soft and tropical flavoured drum-beats, brilliantly layered synths over warm guitar tones "Next To Me" is a perfect way for Juze to start 2021. It's a hypnotically addictive track that'll have you repeating it over and over again, and if you like this sort of music then be sure to follow him on Spotify as that's where he will be dropping over 6 new tunes (and an album) by the end of 2021 - it's going to be one hell of a year for the Dutch producer and we're here for the ride, are you!