Kid Violet unveils baggy new tune "Be Happy"

London based quintet Kid Violet recently have unveiled their brit-pop flavoured and baggy new tune "Be Happy", with the single acting as their fourth release of 2020 - being released less than a month ago on the 18th of December. The track was produced by Gavin Monaghan, who has worked with The Blinders, Robert Plant, and The Sherlocks.

You'd be forgiven that this band is not actually from the 1990's as the sound of "Be Happy" is pure Happy Mondays mixed with early Oasis and Stone Roses. 

The London band have been going from strength to strength since releasing their debut single "Lift Off" back in 2019, and since then the following releases have helped them generate a truly organic following with over 2,000 unique listeners a month. 

 There's a lot of drive in this song, with the tempo being high octane laced with drum fills that wouldn't sound out of place in a Happy Mondays cut. 

The guitar tones are sun-kissed with plenty of hazy vocals draped over them to give it a sense of summer is around the corner. Sadly that's not the case here in Europe but once you put on "Be Happy" you'll forget about the gloom and cold, and you'll feel like you're in a field of flowers in the middle of July.

Their debut EP is due to be released on Pin badge Records this year, and with the material they've already recorded being superb, I'm sure this new EP will be nothing short of sensational.