Latenight Honeymoon drop intricate new cut "Elixir"

Latenight Honeymoon have recently dropped their experimental and sonic new cut "Elixir", which is also the first track from the band's latest EP "Codependency BST". The EP is also the second the act have released since forming, with the quartet only releasing music from 2020 onwards.

With shows supporting Bloc Party, King No-One, Bang Bang Romeo alongside packed tents at festival staples Isle of Wight and Truck in 2019, 2020 was supposed to be a breakthrough year for the band... but as we all know things didn't pan out, but the four-piece still wanted to release music.
If you love the production of Radiohead songs, the uniqueness of them with a pinch of Brit-Pop vocals and 80's guitar hooks, then this new London based act are for you!

Frontman Ted Joyce says - "In short I’m sure all of us wish we had the power to reverse the clocks to a more blissful moment in time. Especially now this year has turned out the way it has…" 

"Elixir" has some delicious and thick basslines mixed in with airy synths that'll take you up up and beyond. Vocals soar with the British accent shining through, they're not too far off from Liam Gallagher's style but with the vocalist being able to hold a high note better than the former Oasis star.

Alfie Pawsey (Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist of the band) also said - "I was trying to achieve production that could fit within the realms of being something familiar while subsequently not hiding from our modern indie pop influences. As well as implementing a soundscape reminiscent of a 1980’s post punk/electro feel which is something I have taken huge inspiration from in my formative years."

The new track's chorus is awash of synths, layers of guitars, haunting vocals, and skitty drum patterns taken right out of a Radiohead jam and production that ensures that no one layer of the track outshines the others, as they're all equally great as one another.

There's one thing that Latenight Honeymoon has managed to achieve with "Elixir" is that you're left stunned, the track has lots going for it and when you play it over and over again you'll find more things to love about it.