Laura Valentine releases second single, "Falling for You"

Laura Valentine has today released her second-ever single, "Falling for You". The single follows on from her debut effort "Desires" - which was a stripped back, raw and honest track - released back in 2018.

Since the last single three years have passed and her fans were left wondering if she'd release a follow-up, thankfully she has and it is out now.

It's a feel-good pop song that will have you all warm and fuzzy.

"Falling for You" is more electronically inclined than her previous single, but with even more heartwarming vocal tones than ever.

Speaking about the new single, Valentine says  - " ... "Falling for You is my way of creating the type of LGBT representation in pop music that I have always craved."

Her vocals on the new cut remind me that of Kelly Zutrau from WET, soulful, warm, and can easily have you pining for more. Laura's vocals start in a deep tone, but she can hit the high notes just as easily it seems.

If you were one of the fans waiting three years for this release then you have something far better than any old release, you've got something that can really inspire people. Here's hoping we're not waiting another three years for the next release, in fact, this song is a part of an EP that's due to drop this year! So if you want to hear more tracks from Laura Valentine be sure to give her Spotify a love/follow as soon as you're done with "Falling for You".