LearningToDive drops ambient and dark single "Falling Leaves"

In the past few weeks, LearningToDive dropped their big, bold, and ambient new single "Falling Leaves". The new release is the second ever from the New Zealand based artist following on from his debut cut "High & Dry".

The outfit is comprised of one man, Bravo Bonez, and his latest project explores the darker side of music, as you will hear in the single below.

Dark, bold, and atmospheric all at the same time.

There are a lot of nods to the 1980's here with myself finding that I draw comparisons against New Order's work and even Pet Shop Boys with the approach on the vocals (but with less bounce and more oomph).

The dark and brooding single is one that takes you by surprise when you listen to it, as it's laced with plenty of layers for you delve into - one key aspect of the song I love is the horns, when they come in it sounds very War of the Worlds-esque, almost a signal of the end of the world.

The Release of LearningToDive's second single we hear of news that the song will be on his debut EP "Norwegian Pop", which's due for release in early April 2021.