Lily Lewis shares vibrant new single "Radio Silence"

Los Angeles based Lily Lewis has recently shared her vibrant latest single "Radio Silence", which is her third single since she started releasing music back in 2019. 

Having been into music for her whole life she started playing on the piano when she was just 5 years old and has been singing and writing since then too. When she was 17 she took that step that we all need to take and moved out of her parent's house, and in one swoop also joined a band in LA. After spending 6 years with the band, making compromises (as you do when you're in a band) and settling for other people's ideas, she took the step and started making her own tunes, and since then she's not looked back.

Lily Lewis has once again shown everyone her true talent, this is such a vibrant and upbeat track!

Since Lily has been releasing music she's amassed over a quarter of a million plays on Spotify from her first two tracks alone, so expect this track to blow up like the first two did.

"Radio Silence" is one of those tracks that's got an awful lot going for it, from the shimmering guitars that help give the track a sense of atmosphere, to the pop sensibilities with the keyboards and synths helping to give it bounce.

Speaking about the new single Lily Lewis says - "This release of "Radio Silence" is incredibly emotional for me, because it's the first song I've made that feels authentic. This is kind of an awakening for me."

When the chorus drops you are welcomed with spritely guitars and upbeat drums, which once again helps the track get just edge, helping you groove rather easily. Lily's vocals here are sublime too, with loads of melodies being thrown about left, right, and center, ensuring that your ears have something to melt into.