Oliver Beardmore shares dreamy new single "Fiesta"

Oliver Beardmore in the past month has shared his dreamy new single "Fiesta". The new cut is the first single released since 2018, and is his fourth ever track to be released since he started out his solo project

Oliver has been writing songs since the young age of 13 and was in a couple of bands before this project, most notably his first band, which he was a part of for 5 years while in Birmingham.

Oliver Beardmore's songwriting prowess is breathtaking.

His sound could be compared to a myriad of artists, from the oh so soaring guitars of fellow Birmingham lads, Editors, to that of the driving vocal hooks that you find in DMA's work. It's so Brit-Pop influenced that even Dave Rowntree of Blur even praised his work while Oliver was performing in Norwich.

His songwriting is not far off from that of Alex Turner - who incidentally turned 35 yesterday - with his concise and almost storytelling lyrics.

After being inspired by the likes of Slowdive as well, all of these combined influences result into something that is breathtaking to behold, and after you finish listening to "Fiesta" you too will be gasping.

The best news to come from all of this is that "Fiesta" is the lead single off his as-yet-untitled up-coming EP, with it expecting to further explore his talents even more. If you love this (and I know you will) then be sure to follow him on Spotify, it's worth it, trust me.