Olivia Morreale unveils new alt-pop single "NO ANSWER"

Californian artist Olivia Morreale has recently released her new single "NO ANSWER", which has already found its way into a handful of sizeable Spotify playlists since the release last Friday.

With four tracks previously released via Soundcloud this is her first single to find its way onto Spotify, and as this is her debut release on the platform the numbers will be sure to rise as soon as this track gets more rotation as it certainly has the potential to be huge.

This song has got the potential to be huge!

There's a lot going for "NO ANSWER", from her dominant vocals to the weird (and yet bold) synths sounds and the thick basslines giving it plenty of body. It's hard to pigeonhole the sound here, it's borderline Alt-Pop, Electro-Pop, Chillout, and even elements of Psychedelica. 

There are vocal melodies in abundance here with it helping to lift the track up into the upper echelons of the genre, and with it having some experimental sounds in there too I'm sure this track will blow up soon. 

The single also acts as the first track to be lifted from her EP titled "SPACE DREAMS", which is due out later on this year.

With love already being given to her from the likes of Euphoria Magazine, Twenty Minutes Later, and journalists at Ones To Watch there's no doubt that Olivia will be on the lips of many more tastemakers in the coming weeks and months.