[SOUNDS OF 2021] The top 10

Well what a fucking year it was, started out alright with some news about a virus... then all seemed to go to pot. As we enter Year 2 - as I call it - we're left with no live music. 

 HOWEVER, we still have our 'SOUNDS OF...' list for you all to get excited about, so here they are, in a different format to previous years. 
 We start with 10 and finish on our hottest pick of 2021 - so scroll down if you wanna ruin it for yourself! 

 #10 - The Lathums 
 Tracks to check out // Fight On / The Great Escape / I See Your Ghost

#9 - Holly Humberstone 
 Tracks to check out // Falling Asleep at the Wheel / Fake Plastic Trees (cover of Radiohead) / Deep End

#8 - Liz Lawrence 
 Tracks to check out // California Screaming / When I Was Younger / Whoosh

#7 - Niko B 
 Tracks to check out // Quick Drive / Who's That What's That?

#6 - Everyone You Know 
 Tracks to check out // Charlie / She Don't Dance / Seen It All

#5 - Apre 
 Tracks to check out // I Know I'll Find It / Without Your Love / Everybody Loves You

#4 - KennyHoopla 
 Tracks to check out // How Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried By a Highway? / Lost Cause / Sore Loser

#3 - Alfie Templeman 
 Tracks to check out // Shady / Happiness In Liquid Form / Forever Isn't Long Enough

#2 - Biig Piig 
 Tracks to check out // Switch / Feels Right / Don't Turn Around

#1 - Girl In Red
Tracks to check out // we fell in love in october / rue / bad idea!

SEE YOU IN 2022 xXx