The Cat Magic share dreamy new track, "I Don't Think You Know"

The Cat Magic share their dreamy and glistening new track, "I Don't Think You Know", with the track marking their fifth release since they started releasing music back in 2019.

The single follows on from two strong singles in 2020, "Dovetail Me" and "Just The Way".

The trio who hail from Bristol formed back in 2018 on a love of Tame Impala, Radiohead and The War on Drugs. The city of Bristol is well known in the UK for having one of the best scenes around with some of the finest emerging acts there is, and it sounds like these three are one of those acts for sure.

As I mentioned in the title of the article, "I Don't Think You Know" has some very dreamy elements, with the soaring synths sounding like they've been taken right out of The Killers' back catalogue. The intro can easily sum the track up, hazy and hypnotic vocals mixed in with some guitar tones that would perfectly fit into any band from the 1980's. 

With plenty of vocal melodies and atmosphere "I Don't Think You Know" sounds like it's written for a much larger stage than they've recently played at, I'm talking about large festival tents!

There's something here also very comparable to that of The Horrors, but not taking anything away from the band, this is a fantastic track to get lost into. So head on down and do yourself a favour and check it out, while you're listening to it be sure to follow them on the socials and also on Spotify so you can keep up to date with this fantastic emerging band.