The Causeways reveal melodic debut single "Quietly"

The Wirral based quartet, The Causeways, have recently revealed their bright and warm debut single "Quietly". The band's first single was released back in November of 2020 and is the first slice of music we've ever heard from the foursome, but what a debut effort it is.

The band is comprised of Will Cartmell, Matthew Wilson, and Ryan Robinson who have all been playing music together since they were fifteen, and with the addition of Sam Silver last off all the band was fully formed.

Hazy and yet shimmering with beauty, The Causeways debut release is a great starting point for the quartet.

The Causeways have influences that are clear to see, with Merseyside acts such as The Coral and The Beatles being two big bands that the quartet draws inspiration from. A more comparable band would be The Kooks as The Causeways too have acoustic guitars wrapped up in warm vocals with a distinctive sound that has a hazy and yet vibrant tone.

Being wrapped around with amazing and influential bands has really rubbed off on the band, and with the sound they've found for themselves, it seems like they're going down the route of being one of those bands. Just do everyone a favour and go listen to their debut release, with more planned for 2021 you're not going to be left disappointed.