The Good in People reveals new single "You're Good Enough"

The Good in People has recently unveiled their glistening new single "You're Good Enough", which is the second release from the artist following their 2020 debut "She Said". 

The Good in People is actually a solo project of Boston-based songwriter/producer Ryan J. Clary who started this project after his previous band broke up due to COVID, but out of the gloom rises Ryan's new project that's sounding like it can have the next big Alt-Pop track just waiting to be discovered.

It's a delightful Alt-Pop track waiting to be discovered by the masses.

That's basically what "You're Good Enough" sounds like, it's got plenty of RnB beats, his vocals that make you loose like jelly, and crisp production values that push the track even more. 

On the new cut, Ryan has enlisted Chelsea B-F who adds some more vocals to the proceedings, it's so great to hear her vocals play off of Ryan's, where hers are higher, his vocals are down in the lower tones, and with the auto-tune style effects being laced here and there it sounds even bigger!

"You're Good Enough" is the lead single off the upcoming EP, "Ever-Changing", and speaking about the song John says - "This song is about struggling with your mental health from a first-person perspective. It's about overcoming negative self-talk with the help and support of others."