The Great Emu War Casualties share soaring new single "I'm a Yes Man"

Australia's The Great Emu War Casualties today have shared the soaring new single "I'm a Yes Man", which is the band's first of the year (of many I hope too), and is the first release since  "Flies In My Eyes".

2020 saw the trio release a solid amount of songs, in the form of two EP's and the aforementioned single. This new song was produced by none other than Alex Newport, a man who's produced an album for Bloc Party as well as helming production duties for Frank Turner and The Mars Volta.
I must say, Australia at the moment is revelling in great artists, and you can be damn sure to add The Great Emu War Casualties to that list of talent.

"I'm a Yes Man" doesn't hang about, as soon as you press play you're greeted with soaring guitars, driving basslines, and crisp drum patterns. It sounds like The Great Emu War Casualties want you to be wrapped up in their world from the get-go, it's a blend of art-rock, pop sensibilities, and sweet indie-rock vocal tones.

It's a bright track, with some tinkling of synths and keyboards in there for good measure, ensuring that no stone is unturned and the listener gets a full four tracks' worth of joy.

Speaking about the track vocalist Jackson mentions the following - "It's not about anything particularly tangible and it can (and should) be interpreted in whatever way you relate to it. I would say it’s about malaise, it’s about not feeling quite there, being disillusioned and restless. It’s basically about navigating adulthood in the 21st century – but pretty much all our songs are about that!" 

 "I'm A Yes Man" is out now and be sure to follow them on the socials as their new EP "Vanity Project" is going to drop on the 26th of February.