The New Twentys release debut single "Inside Out"

At the tail end of 2020 The New Twentys released debut single "Inside Out", which has since gone on to get well over 23k plays on Spotify since it's release. The outfit is a trio of songwriters who love creating pieces of work that'll have you swooning for more. They're comprised of brothers Harry and Jimmy Morris and their friend Chris Bourne.

The brothers have been in bands together since they were 16, but when Chris came into the fold the brotherly duo realised that they clicked with him more than anyone in their previous acts.

Surf ready indie-pop that'll satisfy your upbeat playlists, this is a tune ready to be played on repeat for the summer!

 Bright and surfy guitar tones mixed in with crisp drum beats, a smattering of tambourine to give your brain more to enjoy.

The vocals on "Inside Out" are direct and give you an oomph right from the first word, they're so commanding they help seduce you into the song and give your ears something to truly enjoy. The way the vocalist yelps here and there leaves you with chills running down your spine - especially at the end of the track.

There's a hint of The Beach Boys mixed in with Talking Heads here, but not forgetting the energising production that helps push this track beyond exciting! 

The band are currently writing songs every week and have a great catalogue of songs waiting to be put out (or so we hear...), they're currently split between Cornwall, Southend and Staines and will be releasing more music in the coming months. But be sure to give them a follow on the socials as you really don't wanna miss out on what they've got in the pipeline!