TwentyTwenty reveal shimmering new single "Radiate"

Liverpool based TwentyTwenty released their shimmering new single "Radiate" at the tail end of 2020 and we've been thinking about it non-stop since it was dropped. The tune is the band's second-ever single released on Spotify and is already their most played track, making them a hot band to get into at the moment.

The trio - comprised of Ethan Furey (Drums), Niamh Mailer (Keys/Backing Vocals), and Patrick Joseph (Vocals/Guitar) have been making music together for well over two years now, with this new psych tinted cut being recorded back in May 2019 - coming up to two years ago now.

"Radiate" has some epic dreamy guitar tones mixed in with a wash of effects laced over it, plenty of reverb and delay in this track helps it give it that feel-good vibe that we're just itching for. I swear it's written for the summertime to be played at full blast!

plenty of ooh's and aah's throughout the track which might be a nod to The Beach Boys, but an influence of theirs really shines here, that my friends is Tame Impala. You can hear the influence Kevin Parker has placed upon them in the build-up towards the latter third of the track. Here it elevates the track so much God himself has even touched it!

There's so much to love from TwentyTwenty's latest effort, and if the Liverpool based act continues to create anthems such as this then by this time next year everyone will be listening to them. The band sure knows how to create addictive, dynamic, and anthemic tracks, this is just the start for a band that is definitely going places.