Blake Collins shares throwback track "Your Love Is Good"

We've recently stumbled-upon Blake Collins throwback track "Your Love Is Good", and my gosh is it good. 

The track sounds so warm it seems like it's been recorded in analog, it's very The Beatles and has plenty of vocal melodies, smooth transitions, and guitar tones that warm your heart, even on a cold day.

Even though it's just two minutes long Blake has managed to cram in plenty of nods to his influences, such as the aforementioned The Beatles, The Strokes, and elements of Weezer's work can be heard too.

What Blake Collins has done here is create a sublime throwback track for the modern age, yes it's short, but also sweet, and will ensure that you'll be desiring his music more often. The good news is that this cut is from his debut album, which is due to drop this year - so if you love what you hear give him a follow on Spotify!