Dimaggio Jones drops tear-jerking new single "Flesh and Bone"

Hailing from Lincoln and Sheffield the quartet of Dimaggio Jones have dropped their tear-jerking new single "Flesh and Bone", and it sounds like the lovechild of The Police and Tears for Fears with the guitars that start off the song.

Equally dreamy and atmospheric at the same time. 

The vocals are rather commanding here, and yet soothing, you can really hear the emotion behind the lyrics. When it comes to the chorus it gets so uplifting, you end up in the atmosphere once it's over, the striking guitar tones push it forwards and with the backing track not being too overcrowded you can hear all of the elements of the tune perfectly.

How this song was an out-take of their previous EP is beyond me, it's a real slow jam with plenty of soothing indie and synth elements with pop sensibilities rooted in the 1980's. 

Speaking about the song the band says " ... "Flesh and Bone" is a slower-tempo track that explores relationships between people from two different worlds who collide, fall in love, and then realise that they’re completely different people."