Dizmation reveals dreamy new single "Still"

Irish act Dizmation late last month revealed his dreamy new single "Still", and yes I said 'his' as this is a solo project of singer-songwriter Joseph.

Speaking about the track Dizmation says - "The song is about finding somewhere where you belong and the ups and downs that pop up along the way. It's about realising that it is actually the ups and downs that make the search worthwhile. It's also about not giving in to fear"

The new track has got plenty of fuzz layered up, it's a very guitar-driven affair with a wash of bass complimenting the delightful hazy guitar tones.

The whole track has crisp drumming that backs up the track and gives it a sheen finish, what Dizmation has done here is crafted a track that sounds borderline Stereophonic, Manic Street Preachers, and DIIV all at the same time.

Ireland is well known to house plenty of artists who're incredibly talented, and hopefully, Dizmation will be the next act that'll seep their way into the UK's music scene. We need more bands that sound like them.

The single is currently a Bandcamp to buy and download, but if you'd like more content from the Irish act, then head to their Spotify where you can hear their debut LP, "Sea Area Forecast".