Drive drop their nostalgic new tune "The Routine"

Newcastle based duo Drive have dropped their nostalgic new tune "The Routine", comprised of friends Jake Fletcher (Vocals/Guitar) and Andy Bell (Guitar/Keys). This new release acts as the outfit's third-ever single release and continues with their sonic sound that brings back so many good memories for me, it's very Pet Shop Boys vs INXS.

"The Routine" is a synth-heavy affair with plenty of pop sensibilities with some epic and upbeat 80's sounding drum patterns.

The new cut is smooth and with some melodic vocals means that you'll be singing it back by the end of the track.

Speaking about their new single the duo mentions -" ... "The Routine" is about the rituals you go through and the process of self-discovery after a break-up."

It's built rather simplistic with not a huge amount of layers, but what the duo have done is not to drown out too much. Each element sounds perfectly in harmony with one another, from the warm guitars wallowing away to the choruses soaring synths

If there's one thing we love here it's the pace of it all, what "The routine" has is a tempo that keeps you hooked in all the way to the end.  I can easily imagine a video for this song being in a VHS effect, it's so 80's it's perfect. 

If you love this then you'll really enjoy their previous tunes, be sure to listen to "Old Cassette Tape" if you have the time, it's their most played track (so far...).