Edith releases exciting new single "Over It"

Rising London based songstress Edith has last Friday released her exciting new synth-pop track, "Over It". After a string of releases since 2019 last year saw Edith rise even further with the release of her debut EP, generating a lot of plays in the process.
We're buzzing to hear what she gets up to next, "Over It" is a track destined for the charts and viral playlists.

2021 see's a brand new single in the form of this heavy synth-pop cut with some elements that sound like they've been lifted from the 1980s'.

In the cut, you hear Edith's soaring vocals mixed in with sexy basslines, much like what you find in her previous tracks. There are lots of pop sensibilities with the drum patterns that remind me of Haim's work, especially how Edith projects her vocals. 

In "Over It" there's a glistening chorus with some bright drum pads combined with the shimmering synths that help to elevate the cut even more so. I especially love it when her singing voice stops at the breakdown and she says "cry for you" in her British accent, giving this delicious pop tune even more reasons to love it.

Speaking about the new single Edith says - "This project I have been working on in 2020 is the best thing I have done so far. I am extremely excited to share it with the people who love my music. It has been a hell of a year but it taught me more than anything. The songs are precise stories or experiences I have dealt with, and I feel as if this album is one long story."

Edith's new track "Over It" is out now, stream it on our Spotify Playlist!