Emma and the Fragments share blistering new single "Circle of Concern"

East London based Emma and the Fragments share blistering new single "Circle of Concern", which is the start of a new era for the trio.

The latest offering is the first piece of new music from the band since their initial release, an EP titled "Sanity", back in 2018. The new single is also the first taste of their new EP, "Smile ‘Til It Hurts", which is due for release later this year.
Plenty of hooks are adorned all over the track, with lots of dark elements that any fan of The Cure would love. 

Speaking about the song the band says - "The story centers on the figure of a young woman struggling to be free from her illness, which poisons both her head and the outside world she has grown to fear so much."

On "Circle of Concern" there are big The Automatic vibes at the start, with the guitar tones sounding like something the Welsh band would've written. There's a perfect amount of reverb on Emma's vocals, ensuring that there's plenty of atmosphere going around. 

After the chorus hit's there's some haunting echo of vocals running around in the background, add in the chopping basslines and whirling guitars and you're left with a cut that's equally thrilling and powerful. This is one of those tracks where to best listen to it is to whack up the bass, volume, and enjoy.

With the band having played a lot of gigs and festivals since forming I bet they're itching to perform once again, and when they do I can't wait to check them out. If you'd like to stay up to date with the band be sure to follow them on their socials to make sure you don't miss the news of the new EP.