Erika Wester shares sweet and dreamy single "Nightingale"

New York City is famous for a lot of things, and as far as we are concerned it might be famous for being the home of a fantastic singer-songwriter, Erika Wester.

Recently she has shared a rather sweet and dreamy new single, titled "Nightingale" it's a purely acoustic affair backed up with her melodic vocals, with dreamy hooks laced all over it.

The track doesn't hang about much and heads for the chorus where Erika's vocals shine, and when the bridge comes in you're treated to her soothing vocals and a single guitar, if it doesn't give you chills you need to look strongly at yourself in the mirror.

Speaking about the song Erika says - " ... "Nightingale" is a song about being lost & questioning why we're always so hard on ourselves instead of growing and learning from our mistakes."

Erika Wester is one of the finest singer-songwriters that NYC currently has, so head on down to fall in love with her music too!