Fly The Nest reveals anthemic new single "Old Street Lover"

Dublin native singer-songwriter Fly The Nest has recently revealed his incredibly anthemic new single "Old Street Lover".

The new single is the first of 2021 and comes off of the back of a fantastic 12 months that saw him release four new singles and an acoustic track. This helped him to get noticed all over the world with his tunes being playlisted in some sizable playlists.

 "Old Street Lover" is a classic anthem just waiting to be discovered, he is also a writer for TV and film projects, which in turn has helped him open his eyes even more and to discover lots of new sounds. 

From the start of the single, you're welcomed in with a rush of guitars, tambourine, and cascading drums. Once his vocals come in you have to just turn it up as he kicks it up a notch, and once the chorus comes in you'll be pleased that you did crank it up.

There's so much drive behind this song, what Stephen (Fly The Nest) has done here is craft an anthemic piece of music that'll have you coming back to it over and over again.