Glass Cases release new single "Chemicals"

Based out of Colorado Springs in the USA Glass Cases have released their fast-paced new single "Chemicals". 

The new single is the first since the band dropped their debut album - "In Between" - back in 2020, and following on from that success the trio thought best to ride the wave of success with "Chemicals", and it sounds like they're onto a winner here.
"Chemicals" is an upbeat synth-pop cut with plenty of pop sensibilities, vocal hooks, and bright piano keys making sure this will remain in your head for hours after being played.

Glass Cases have had love from multiple Colorado-based radio stations such as indie 102.3, USAFA’s 97.7 KAFA, 103.9 RXP, 93.3 KTCL, and 94.3 the X since they started releasing music. The band have also found their tunes being placed in some sizable Spotify playlists too, both this and the radio plays have ensured that the group has had a strong fanbase from the get-go.

The songwriting on "Chemicals" is just fantastic, with the listener engaged from the very first second with the track bursting into the light from the outset. The song focuses on mental health -"I guess I’m just doing my best, it’s okay that my head is a mess / I need a way to boost my serotonin, flood my brain with dopamine / to keep me from groaning / I think the thing, that’s bugging me / I’m more than basic, chemistry" this shows that while the track sounds bright, upbeat and generally happy, there's a subtle dark undertone hidden there. This reminds us a lot of Foster The People and how their music is basically the same, but when you listen carefully to the lyrics there's usually a deeper meaning.

Be sure to give them a follow on their socials as this is just the start for the trio!