Ilona Mahieu reveals punchy new track "Stiletto"

Ilona Mahieu (and her band) has recently revealed the soaring and powerful new track "Stiletto", which is the fourth track to be released since the band formed in 2018.

Ilona's striking vocals give you a real throwback to the golden age of Paramore, whilst the instrumentation here gives us proper late 00's Punk-Rock vibes.

It's a punchy and bold track that you'll definetly have on repeat!

The guitars are so meaty, the drums are crisp and punch with the bassline giving you that warm undertone that we all desire in a rock anthem.

Yes, that's what this is, a rock anthem in the waiting. With love being shone on them by BBC Introducing already they've also managed to play a whole load of shows - pre-Covid of course - will praise coming in abundance from the crowds.

With a very strong trio of singles leading up to this bold new cut, the sky is the limit for this emerging act from Guilford.