Marney reveal soaring new single "Fireflies"

Marney have revealed their soaring new single "Fireflies", and it's one of those songs that warrants a repeat after the first listen. The Los Angeles based duo are comprised of Crystal (vocals) and Thomas (guitar/bass/production), the two members met one another while touring on the road (back when that was a thing), and shortly after they both shared the same passion for music and decided to head into the studio. Fast forwards a year or so and the band is now dropping some seriously hot pop tunes.

Infectious and soaring anthems are what Marney do best.

"Fireflies" has plenty of soaring guitars mixed in with delicate and yet punchy piano chords that you expect to find in a Coldplay anthem. In the new single, you find that there's a lot of pop sensibilities here, from the handclaps to driving synths and of course not forgetting about the pitch-perfect vocals.

Speaking about the single the band said - " ... "Fireflies" is about longing for simpler times. It speaks about the importance of holding on to our innocence and finding hope in an uncertain world."

This new track is the band's second-ever single and follows on from their infectious debut single "Conversations", which has since gone on to get well over 300k plays on Spotify. If they keep up releasing tracks such as these the name Marney will be on everyone's lips.