Milahroy's debut track "D.F.O" is full of infectious grooves

Californian based Milahroy last year shared his debut track "D.F.O", and my gosh is it full of infectious grooves, retro drum patterns, and distorted vocals.

It's a short but sweet track but if anything that means you'll be smashing that play button over and over again. The guitar tones he has laced in the cut is just delicious, they're very soulful with nods perhaps towards some indie-pop acts such as Blossoms - as that's what first came to my mind.

There is a strong neo-soul vibe going on throughout the piece, especially in the breakdown towards the end, however, this helps to stand out the track from the rest as you'll be pining for more once it finishes. 

Some highlights for me are the bongo sounding drums, scratching guitars, and the addictive vocal effects Milahroy had draped over it all.