Monroe Moon releases dreamy track "Greener"

Monroe Moon today releases their dreamy new track "Greener", it's the first new track to be released in 2021, and it follows on from a rather successful 2020 that saw her release five tracks over the course of the year. With those tracks, Monroe and her band also gained well over 50k streams on Spotify ensuring that her music is getting playlisted by some sizable curators.

With "Greener" being a real emotive cut from Monroe Moon and sounding massive from the start it's no wonder they're going onto great things.

Monroe Moon is Bunny Monroe (Songwriter/Vocals), Theo Malkin (Guitar), Tim Strother - (Drums) and Justin Johnson (Bass). The band has been releasing music since 2018 with their EP "When The Seagulls Follow The Trawler" setting the marker tone with the opening track being a dark and synth-heavy affair, "Saturn" being equally dark and the closing song "When I Cannot Sleep at Night" showcasing some great guitar tones. 

All of the releases so far have been showing off the band's talent, and it's evidently clear to see that they've been building towards "Greener" as it encompasses all of their work to date and gives the listener a fantastic slice of what the band is all about.

Their influences are Portishead, Stone Roses, Beach House, and Cocteau Twins, who are all heard in parts on this new single. However, it seems like a big influence on the band also might be Joy Division, as when the band was speaking about the song they simply said - "It's an Ian Curtis inspired obsessive love song", which is a great way to put it, as it has a dark undertone, but with some bright elements running around it.