Ollie Wade reveals heart-warming single "Stumble"

Ollie Wade has revealed his heart-warming new single "Stumble", which is his first song since his meteoritic rise in 2020. The rise came down to a trio of singles reaching half a million plays each, with him being placed in very sizeable playlists along the way.

He's been releasing music since 2016 and with every release, it sounds like Ollie has refined his sound even more. 

"Stumble" is just so tender, heartwarming, and full of soul.

Ollie's vocals are very gentle here, they sound like they couldn't hurt a butterfly they're so soft. The guitar on this cut is equally as gentle, very laid back, and offers the listener more reasons to fall in love with it. His vocals are up there with the very best singer-songwriters in the UK, on par with Ed Sheeran as far as I'm concerned. 

As the track goes by it evolves, with the addition of piano keys and very simplistic bass too "Stumble" goes from being an emotional track to a track you can get emotional over.

Speaking about the new single Ollie mentions " ... "Stumble" was co-written with singer-songwriter, Hattie Briggs is a story that talks of the day I bumped into an ex-lover at a gig. We were both alone at the gig, watching a band that we both used to love and had no idea each other was there. The song talks through my emotions of asking myself whether it was her that I missed, or the feeling of being in love that I missed after being taken off guard and filled back up with feelings."

You have to admire Ollie's inclusion of crackling records buried in the background, ensuring that the single has a warm undertone all the way through.

With Ollie now sitting at well over 1 million Spotify plays and 81k monthly listeners, he's done a tremendous job for an unsigned artist

He's supported the likes of Tom Odell, KT Tunstall, and Andy Burrows, with plenty of shows with the 'This Feeling' lot it's meant that he's performed with some of the best acts and promoters already. He is slowly but surely climbing that hype ladder and will soon be one of the hottest singer-songwriters in the UK if he continues on his current course.