Punchlove share dreamy new single "In Reverse"

Punchlove has recently shared their dreamy new single "In Reverse", which is the duo's second song ever following on from the release of their debut "Disappointment of the Tropics". 

Two duo are based out of NYC and are comprised of  Jill Olesen and Ethan Williams, with the two of them writing, performing, and even recording the track by themselves. The track itself was inspired by having to rush out of Czechia back to their homeland when Covid-19 first started to take over the world, exploring heartbreak

Punchlove's new single "In Reverse" is a masterclass in how to create a dreamy and atmospheric indie-pop track.

The shimmering guitars play off of one another to kick off the track, before the one guitar chimes away and drives the track into a dreamy cut that'll have you wanting more. 

The good news is that the track has just started and you've got over four more minutes of this sublime music coming to. The vocals of Jill are so smooth and reminiscent of the way Marie Ulven (aka girl in red) sings, and when the bridge comes in the track seems to speed up, and the rushing guitars helps to create an abundance of atmosphere, add in the glistening synths too and you're presented with a masterclass in dreamy indie-pop.

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