Roger Jaeger shares anthemic new single "It's My Time"

Hailing from Northern California, singer-songwriter Roger Jaeger's new track is everything we expect from the anthemic rock. The track is the artists first since 2019 and is set out to capture your imagination from the outset.

"It's My Time" is a driving force in anthemic pop-rock, combine it with Jaeger's vocals and you've got something truly spectacular here.

His latest effort "It's My Time" has some delicate guitar hooks, record player sounds, and soaring vocal melodies to kick the proceedings off.

As it builds the atmosphere gains, and it explodes when the chorus kicks in - with it being comparable to Coldplay's biggest anthems such as "Viva la Vida", as it also has plenty of delicate tones and piano keys.

Roger's vocals on this track are nothing short of spectacular, when you wrap your ears around you feel like you can get lost in his charming tones.

If you think that you might've heard of his voice before it's that his music has been licensed for Discovery Channel, MTV, and even Nascar in the USA. 

It sounds like Roger is one of those artists that work hard to strive to be the best, and from what I can hear is that he is certainly up there. If you loved this as much as we did head to his Spotify where you can check out many more great tunes from one of California's best.