Saint Samuel releases emotive debut single "On A Wire"

Hailing out of Richmond in the USA Saint Samuel has recently released his rather emotive debut single "On A Wire".

There are elements that remind me of Embrace, with soaring synth keys and striking guitars opening up the track, and welcoming the listener into the atmospheric world of Saint Samuel.

Saint Samuel is a singer-songwriter come producer, and you can hear how good he is at his craft by making sure you can listen to all of the stems of the song, without anything sounding too drowned out. A highlight of his production is how epic he gets the shimmering guitars, sounding like they've been kissed by Chris Martin and co. 

That's one comparison I'd like to draw if I could more than anything, how anthemic and emotive he has got his debut single,  it really does sound like it was written for the arenas and festival stages. I feel like we will be hearing a lot from this emerging artist, with a debut single like this it'll be no time before a label picks hum up!