Sarpa Salpa reveal soaring new single "Another Life"

Today is the release of Northampton's next big band's track. Sarpa Salpa is really becoming a band to closely watch, and with every release getting more attention than the last they're on a trajectory that now means the band is much-hyped. 

The BBC, Spotify UK, and many online outlets have been shining the love onto the quintet, and of course, we know why. Their latest single is out today (12/02) and is a soaring alt-disco anthem, reminiscent of Friendly Fires' early work with some synthy elements you'd find in Sundara Karma's last album. 

To go along with this new release I thought I'd ask the band about their future plans, the buzz around their previous singles, and much more.

Since starting the band what's been the biggest challenges you've faced?

I think this last year as a whole has been our biggest challenge for sure. We spent so long as pretty much purely a live band that was basically our whole thing! So trying to adapt to a world without live performance has been very hard for us. In a way it's like being a new band all over again, all the lessons you learn about how to be a band on the road but how to be a band online haha.

How did your social distanced shows feel when you performed? Was it odd/strange not to have as many people?

It was great to be back playing even if only for a couple of shows. Definitely at first it was pretty bizarre as the crowd had to remain seated and within their socially distanced bubble so it was hard to judge if people were enjoying themselves, after the first couple of songs though you could tell that people were just so glad to be back out seeing live music.

How does it feel to get one of your tunes played on BBC Radio 1?

We're still incredibly grateful every time we get a play on national radio. As a kid growing up it was always a goal to have a song of mine played on BBC Radio 1, we're now lucky enough to have had 5 of our songs played on the station by various DJ's which honestly blows my mind. It's really great seeing people at the BBC getting behind our music and we're very thankful for BBC Introducing in Northampton backing us the whole time.

Feel like you've ticked a big box off by having it played on the biggest British station?

Yeah, I think so. I don't have a music bucket list but if I did that would definitely be on it haha.

If you could collab with another artist who would it be and why.

Oh wow, I mean so many. I think Kevin Parker, Nile Rodgers, and Damon Albarn would be up there though. I think they all have a very interesting take on how they make music and have made some of my favourite collaborative songs of all time.

What else can we expect from Sarpa Salpa this year?

After this single, we've got an EP coming out this Spring which is very exciting! We're also playing a few socially distanced tour dates in April / May including at Wedgewood Rooms on May 7th! After that, it largely comes down to our good friend coronavirus, hopefully, some actual full-on live shows and some more music at the end of the year!