Serena Sophia debut's her dreamy debut single "Diary of Thoughts"

Glasgow based Serena Sophia debut's her dreamy debut single "Diary of Thoughts. With a delicate piano opening up her debut single, you feel that Serena's music is going to be just as mesmerising, and not to spoil it for you - but it is!

Her vocals here are just so epic, with a vocal tone comparable to that of Lana Del Rey's early work, there are also plenty of haunting vocal melodies throughout the backing track of the cut, laced with plenty of reverb to ensure "Diary of Thoughts" gets atmospheric.

The instrumentation is very similar to that of Mansionair, chilled out but with some ambient nods and smooth beats to drive the track forwards. Add in a pinch of guitars and the track is beyond amazing, it's a masterpiece of a debut. 

If this is what her debut track is like, imagine an album's worth - you need to closely watch Serena Sophia, she might just be the next big alt-pop artist from Scotland!