Sully drops saucy new cut "Ghosting (Me)"

Australian artist Sully has recently dropped her saucy new pop anthem, "Ghosting (Me)". The song, as it's easily seen by the title, is about a story of when Sully was ghosted, and the aftermath of it all.

Even though the song is more akin to a break-up song it's got plenty of feel-good-vibes, the whirlwind of electronic noises opens up the track before Sully's shimmering vocals come in and adds to the atmosphere.

With plenty of soaring elements involved, such as the thick drum patterns and snares, rushing synths, and ticking guitars all combine to generate a real drive in the track.

The breakdown in the tail end of the track highlights how addictive her music can be, this new cut really is a synth-pop masterpiece, remember the name - Sully!