Sunlust reveal soaring new cut "Magnum Opus"

Toronto based Sunlust earlier on this week revealed their soaring, and frankly thrilling new cut "Magnum Opus".

This is the outfit's second ever single, following on from their debut single "Orange" last year. This new single does not hang about at all and drops you right into a rushing verse from the off. With a quick kick of drums to prepare you and you're off on a rollercoaster ride.

"Magnum Opus" comes in at just over 100 seconds long, however when you listen to the song you might understand why it is so fast Usain Bolt would have trouble keeping up with it.

What Sunlust has done here is keep up the well-textured punk/garage-rock from their debut, and have put a turbocharger on it. So head down below and thank me later!