Sweet Tooth drop crunching new tune, "War Machine"

Californian rock band Sweet Tooth have dropped their crunching new tune, "War Machine", and it's an out and out rock tunes that sound like they've been written to be moshed to, crowd-surfed to, and to generally go mad to in a large crowd.

"War Machine" doesn't hang about and get's spicy from the outset with some crunching guitars, tumbling drums, and even some shimmering synths. This sets the tone for the rest of the cut, the vocals are just so damn commanding they can grab your ears, perk them up, and by the end you'll be singing back the chorus.

Sweet Tooth have dropped a spicy new cut in the shape of "War Machine", strap yourselves in!

Speaking about the chorus it's so fast-paced, the trio has written a track that really does send you on a rollercoaster ride, however, this coaster doesn't take you on a slow ride, to begin with, it starts by dropping you right into the good stuff.

There's a soaring guitar solo in the latter part of the track which is a homage to one of their musical influences perhaps, it's like Jimmy Page wrote it.

"War Machine" is off their upcoming debut album which is produced by Joey Bradford of The Used, and see's the band kicking it up a notch from their previous work.

Speaking about how they got together the band said "We're lifelong friends from San Diego, CA but never thought to play music together until our early twenties. From the first session we felt there was some magic there and we never stopped."

Having performed on the same billing as Foo Fighters, Roger Plant, and Post Malone, it won't be long before the band is selling out their own shows when it all starts off again as this song will certainly drive more listeners their way.