tara-bridget releases hazy new cut "Eighteen Again"

Bursting out of Brooklyn, NY tara-bridget has released her synthy and hazy new cut "Eighteen Again". The singer-songwriter currently commands 30k monthly Spotify listeners and is currently one of Brooklyn's hottest alt-pop stars at the moment, especially now her infectious new track is out.

It's a thrill from start to finish, it's got a weird and experimental start to it, but as that parts, you're welcomed to a bass-driven synth-pop track. There's plenty of elements from the '80s here, with the soaring keys showcasing exactly why "Eighteen Again" is infectious.

The chorus is so hazy that it melts over the second half of the track, oozing into it like syrup over pancakes. Her vocals here are just impeccable too, much like the syrup they're smooth and compliments the track wholesomely.

As the track progresses you're left wondering why you've not heard of tara-bridget before, well lucky you - you have now!