Zerp shares vibrant new single "Blue Rivers"

Zerp is a Connecticut based singer-songwriter and recently he has shared an incredibly vibrant new single "Blue Rivers". On this track he also played all of the instruments, recorded and produced it - showcasing what an almighty talent he beholds.

Sparkling electronics kick off the song before some delicate piano keys get laid on top. As soon as the vocals come in the track gains a whole lot of body and atmosphere, with the vocals slightly hazy thanks to the smooth backing melodies
"Blue Rivers" has vibrant elements in abundance.

The ticking drum beats come after and this effectively sets the tone for the rest of the track, there's plenty of elements that helps create these tracks' feel. As it progresses it picks up the pace even more so and evolves into a rather danceable cut that you can easily get lost in a daydream with.

Speaking about the track Zerp mentions - " ... "Blue Rivers" is about how nature can purify the soul. (As in, we all go through dark times our tough times and by reconnecting with nature we can reconnect with our true selves"