Bonze unveils outstanding new single "Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)"

London based singer-songwriter Bonze has unveiled his outstanding new single "Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)". The artist is inspired by Talking Heads and Kurt Kobain - although his music is more leaned towards the alt-pop sounds of the former.

Contagiously catchy and dreamy, "Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)" is simply outstanding.

The new single is dreamy from the start with some soothing vocals laced with piano keys setting the tone for the rest of the track. It's cinematic and full of glistening electronic elements, once the chorus comes there are some bouncy guitars and drums switching it up.

Speaking about "Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)" Bonze mentions - "The song is about the beginnings of a relationship with a girl called Jenny, it's about how emotionally up and down I can be and about how I felt that I was fully ready to commit to the relationship and just hoped that she was ready too. It was written with an 80's-sounding analog synth, a mic, guitar, and piano. This song became the foundation of my sound."

After the initial chorus comes the cut goes back down to the dreamy soundscape we heard at the beginning but with some kicking drumbeats.

What Bonze has done here is create a delicate and dreamy indie-pop track with plenty of guitar hooks and smooth vocals that capture your attention and keeps it throughout the track. Even though it comes in at under three minutes you feel like you've been listening to it for ages as it's a cut you really can get lost in.

With love from BBC Introducing under his belt already the future is sounding bright for the London-based musician. So be sure to keep in touch with his music as he is due to be releasing an album this year!