Davidly brings out new pop laden new track "Vines to Life"

Hailing from Portland in the USA, Davidly has brought out guns blazing with his new pop-laden cut "Vines to Life". In the new single, you'll find dark and raw emotive vocals that play off some sensational instrumentation and production.

The track starts off with a record playing before giving way to his captivating vocals and a soaring guitar line, add in some synths that elevate it, and before you know it you've got one heck of an anthem working its way into your ears.

There are lots of different elements buried away for the listener to find, be sure to keep an ear out for a delicate acoustic guitar, tickles of piano, and some retro synths that sound like they've been lifted from the mid 80s.

Davidly has created a track with an amalgamation of amazing genres and has fused them together to create his unique sound, so be sure to check out "Vines to Life" down below.