Emmrose shares delicate new single "The Imposter"

Emmrose has shared her brand new and delicate single "The Imposter", which acts as the first track to be released from the New York City-based singer-songwriter. Having had an amazing 2020 with her releases it really sounds like from the get-go. 

Smooth instrumentation that can help send the listener into a rather relaxing mode, certainly a track I'd love to revisit once I've had a stressful day. Emmrose's vocals remind me a lot of Lucy Rose and Aurora, captivating and moody both at the same time.
One thing is for sure, Emmrose knows how to write a beautiful track, and from the sounds of it she's going in the right direction to be noticed by the masses.

The track has a poignant piano from the outset and throughout the whole piece, the track doesn't dip below mesmerising. The almost haunting backing vocals help to add to the ambiance of the track, especially with the acoustic guitars giving it a warm undertone. 

Speaking about the song she says - "I hope this song can help people that also struggle with their self-worth, as well as finding ways to cope with their anxiety through the support of friends and family."

With well over half a million streams on Spotify, it really sounds like she's starting to find her feet in this mad world of music, but when you create delicate tracks such as this with plenty of atmospheres then it'll take no time at all before her name is on everyone's lips.