Jodi Valentin releases new synth-pop "Vanish"

Philadelphia singer-songwriter Jodi Valentin has today released her new synth-pop "Vanish", and right from the off you're welcomed to her sound with some ethereal synth-pop vibes similar to that of CHVRCHES.

It's out and out synth-pop ready for those summer playlists, once the sun comes out we know what we will be listening to, the glorious Jodi Valentin.

"Vanish" has a lot of pop sensibilities with a driving drumbeat that helps push the track forwards, her vocals don't drop below stunning throughout the single and are a testament to her as it really boosts the feel of the whole track. 

You can also hear the subtle nods towards Haim here with the casual listener thinking it might even be them, with a poppier twist.

Speaking about the track Jodi mentions - "Sometimes when relationships end, it can feel like the other person erases you from their memory. I wrote "Vanish" when I was reflecting back on a relationship that had failed and wanted to know how he could pretend I didn't exist anymore. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling."

Jodi Valentin has also had her music written in American Songwriter Magazine and has had a number of songs in TV Shows, such as - The Young and the Restless, All American, and Claws - all helping her to gain hundreds of thousands of plays. 

One song she features on, "Open Ocean" performed with Lanna is tantalizingly close to the one million mark on Spotify, with all of her other tunes getting close to viral status too. It won't be long before yet another one of her tracks will get an abundance of plays, and as far as I'm concerned this track can help push her name out there even more. So get on Spotify and check it out before she's a household name!