Jon & Abbie release delicate new cut, "Still Life"

The Oxford duo Jon & Abbie has recently released their delicate new cut, "Still Life". Instantly there are some elements that you'd expect to find in music by The XX, processed beats and that sweet guitar tone warming the track up.
"Still Life" sounds like an alt-pop classic in the waiting to be discovered by the masses.

What the duo is not afraid of is switching the track up midway through it, it goes from indie-pop to folk to electronica in the space of 100 seconds.

Jon's vocals here help to drive the track forwards with his hazy vocals, add in those reverb-heavy guitars and a splash of electronic drum beats and you've got yourself here one genre-bending alt-pop classic in the waiting. 

If you like The XX, Ben Howard's electronic music, and Foals then Jon & Abbie have a track that'll have you wanting more.